I have a thing for coffee. You may know that already. One of my favorite things to do is meet a friend for coffee and talk about the stuff of life. We also usually give ourselves permission to grab a great dessert as well. I wish like crazy you and I do that today. But maybe, since we can’t this 21 day reader’s guide is the next best thing. It is free (after the cost of the book) and I will send it directly to your email inbox. If you are willing to read about 5-10 pages a day, you can get through the book in 21 days. Or, you can spread it out—whatever works for you. Just sign up and work at your own pace.

You bring the coffee. I’ll be there (sort of) and together we will both get to meet a God who is never fresh out of amazing. Just sign up below.

And if you need to purchase a book, go here.

Looking forward,