Fresh Out of Amazing

Do you feel like you need to be amazing but you are fresh out? Are you overwhelmed, exhausted, feeling the expectations of everyone around you? Do you feel responsible for everything? Often when we feel this way our knee jerk reaction is to quit, withdraw, and to give up. In this book Stacey will show you that being fresh out of amazing isn’t a problem to be solved or a time to quit. It is actually an unexpected invitation to see God big in our lives. As it turns out, God doesn’t need us to be amazing. He already has that covered.

In this book you will:

Discover the different ways we arrive at being fresh out of amazing.
Know that you are not the only one who struggles.
Recognize fresh out of amazing as an opportunity to see God with fresh eyes.
Apply a four-step plan to move you from wrestling with God to embracing worship.

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